" You can just enjoy music without understanding it. Music is an Universal Language ~CL "
" Even though we cannot communicate with the same language, we use music instead ~ Jonghyun "
+Slave to B1A4

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5/∞ pointless gifs of min yoongi

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My friend went to a nerd factory. They gave him a bag of rejects and said “Enjoy your bag of diabetes.”

#i want a bag of reject nerds#oh wait i’m on tumblr they’re everywhere

i hate you


think abt how cnu doesn’t want lovers playing w/ his tiny brown nipples cause ‘it’s not manly’ but really it’s also cause he makes embarrassing squeaky noises

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"anyway cnu needs to get over his bitch-ass attitude about not being manly and just accept that he entertains elementary school girls for a living and looks like a lesbian"
~ b1a4gasms (via byjove)

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